Value Equities Strategy

The Sparinvest value equities strategy aims to generate superior long-term returns through investment in deeply undervalued stocks. Our fund range covers both developed and emerging markets.

Sparinvest was the first Danish investment house to adopt a value investment approach, when the value equity team was formed in 1997. Since then, we have remained focused on serving our clients through disciplined application of our value investment philosophy and bottom-up stock selection processes. We consider stocks through the lens of a long-term investment horizon, and believe in rigorous fundamental analysis to help us uncover the risks and opportunities facing our portfolios. This naturally includes a consideration of environmental, social and governance issues. We believe in being active, engaged owners, using the power of dialogue and voting to work towards enhanced corporate value at our holdings.

With more than 100 years of combined experience in value investing, our team of long-tenured portfolio managers and analysts are curious and critical thinkers, with a passion for analysing stocks to generate and execute investment ideas.

We offer:

  • A fundamental, long-term approach to stock selection
  • A cohesive, long-tenured team
  • Disciplined value investment processes
  • A holistic approach to risk
  • Serious & considered integration of responsible investment issues